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1. General Questions

1.1. Who we are?

Panda Templates develops and distribute professional Blogger Templates. We are dedicated to giving you professional and SEO-optimized Blogger Templates.

1.2. What is Blogger.com?

Blogger.com is an online content management system that enables multi-user blogs. Pyra Labs developed it in 1999 and Google acquired it in 2003.

1.3. What is Blogger Template?

A Blogger Template is a complete web design in XML format. HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript code are used to create a blog, website or app using the Blogger CMS platform.

2. Licence Questions

2.1. What is License Key?

A license key is a unique and non-transferable identification code automatically generated by LemonSqueezy (“Sales Platform”) for each template purchase. It is used to verify you are a premium customer.

2.2. Where can I find my License Key?

A license key will be provided in the purchase confirmation email. It will also be available on the receipt and also in the template download page.

2.3. Can I resell a template after purchase?

No, you are not allowed to resell our templates after purchase. Also, you are not allowed to share it with anybody. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the user will have their license suspended, access to technical support and future updates will also be removed. Refunds in this case will not be issued.

2.4. Can I remove Footer Credits in the Free Version?

No. We do not allow the removal of footer credits in the Free version. Please purchase a premium license to remove footer credits and get all the advanced features.

2.5. What is the difference between Free & Premium License?

Our Free Blogger Templates are allowed to distribute without modifying the footer credit. But Premium Blogger Templates are under license CC 3.0 where you can use the premium version for personal use only. We do not allow to sell or distribute our products without our permission.

Read more about our license policy.

3. Pre-sale Questions

3.1. Can I customize the Template?

Using the Blogger's Customization panel, you can easily change colors, fonts, width and other available settings. Any other change must be done at your own risk, as we do not fix problems in codes that the user or third parties have caused.

3.2. Do Blogger Templates work with WordPress?

No. Blogger Template is not compatible with WordPress.

3.3. Will the themes work with third-party widgets?

PandaTemplates products follow Blogger's standard code practices which make them secure and compatible with almost every third-party widget.

3.4. Are the themes and plugins translation-ready?

Yes, our templates are fully translatable.

3.5. How often are templates updated?

Template updates depend on many factors. Security updates and critical bugs are fixed as soon as possible. Updates that improve our templates and bring new features are made available frequently.

3.6. What payment options do you support?

You can pay for any PandaTemplates product through PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Bank debits.

4. Support Questions

4.1. How can I get support with a Template?

Almost all queries are resolved via our online documentation. If something isn't getting resolved via the documentation, feel free to email us and we will try our best to help you asap.

4.2. Can I get support on a free template?

No. We do not offer any support for free templates. You must be a premium customer to get support from us.

4.3. Does support cost extra for any services?

Our premium customers will get support for free. However, there are extra charges for customization. If you are interested in having a product customized, email us.

4.4. Do you provide phone or live support?

We do not provide phone or live support at this time. However, we provide 24x7 support via our support ticket and most queries are resolved within an hour.

4.5. How long will I be able to get support on a Template I purchased?

Our premium customers will get one year of support from us.

4.6. Can you help me to install Blogger Template?

Eligible customers will get a free blog setup service. However, you can manually install a Blogger template by following our tutorial.

4.7. If the Template does not meet my needs, Can I get a Refund?

No, we do not refund in this case. Read more about our Refund Policy.

4.8. Are there any video tutorials available?

Sorry! We do not have a library of video tutorials at this time.

5. Got More Questions?

5.1. I've got a question(s) which is not listed on this page.

Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to answer your question. Contact Us.